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August 26, 2004 by joetheblow

Why Did Merrill Exit The Google IPO?
06.22.04, 9:07 AM ET

Prudential Equity Group said it believes that media reports which suggest that Merill Lynch (nyse: MER - news - people ) opted out of the syndicate of banks underwriting the upcoming Google initial public offering because the deal would not have been profitable enough probably are correct. Prudential noted that Merrill Lynch's name was absent from Google's revised IPO filing. "We disagree that Google's likely 3% fee...
August 26, 2004 by joetheblow
SOURCE: Knowledge At Wharton

Lessons from Google's IPO

After more than more than three months of filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, public miscues, pricing changes and enough legalese to make a lawyer dizzy, Google's initial public offering is one for the record books.

Experts at Wharton and elsewhere say Google's IPO, on the surface, seems to be a success, but they note it's too early to issue a verdict. After all, Google did raise $1.67 billion by going public a...
August 26, 2004 by joetheblow

A Motive For IT Spending
Erika Brown, 08.26.04, 6:00 AM ET

SAN FRANCISCO - It's been a tough recession for tech spending and a tough summer for tech stocks. But a Texas software outfit might give investors a reason to get back in the market.

The U.S. recession was especially brutal for IT departments. Desperate chief financial officers took machetes to their IT corps and tech spending. Yet the demands on networks multiplied as companies hooked in customers, suppliers ...
August 26, 2004 by joetheblow

IPO Dutch Auctions Vs. Traditional Allocation
Ari Weinberg, 05.10.04, 3:00 PM ET

NEW YORK - Business as usual just doesn't fly at Google. And now the Mountain View, Calif.-based Internet company is trying to export that mantra to Wall Street.

Google's $2.7 billion initial public offering, to be priced through an electronic auction, will test the large-scale viability of a so-called Dutch auction, designed to both democratize IPO share allocation and afford companies a...
August 26, 2004 by joetheblow

Buying Vs. Renting
Marianne Hayes, 07.26.04, 6:00 AM ET

NEW YORK - With interest rates staying low, buying a house continues to be an attractive offer, but many Americans are better off renting. Here's how to determine which road you should take.

Last week, interest rates on 30-year mortgages fell to an average 5.98%, a three-month low. But as the economy picks up, it's a solid bet that rates will rise. This affects not only buyers but possibly renters too. For those l...
August 26, 2004 by joetheblow

Video That's Finally On-Demand
Arik Hesseldahl, 02.20.04, 10:00 AM ET

NEW YORK - Akimbo seeks to bring the world of Internet video to your television set.

Remember the information superhighway? In the early 1990s, it was the catch phrase meant to foster hope and anticipation for the technological wonders that were then just around the corner. Along with his 1999 gaffe, where he unintentionally claimed credit for creating the Internet, "information superhighway" is anot...
August 25, 2004 by joetheblow

eBay looks to go local with Craigslist stake
Published: August 13, 2004, 1:56 PM PDT
By Jim Hu
Staff Writer, CNET

eBay's announcement on Friday that it took a 25 percent stake in online classifieds site Craigslist illustrates how the Web's biggest players are putting a heavy focus on going local.

Craigslist, launched in 1995, is a bare-bones classifieds site for people looking for almost anything, such as apartments, dates or baseball tickets, in 45 ci...
August 25, 2004 by joetheblow

Security pro: Windows easier to 'own'
Published: August 13, 2004, 12:47 PM PDT
By Robert Lemos
Staff Writer, CNET

Microsoft has been waiting for security researchers to say that its Windows operating system has a lower total cost of ownership. One finally has, but that's not good news.

On Friday, David Aitel, a noted security professional and managing director of vulnerability assessment firm Immunity, published a paper stating that "owning" a compute...
August 23, 2004 by joetheblow

Controversial Overtime Rules Take Effect

Published: August 23, 2004

The Bush administration's new overtime rules go into effect today, but the Kerry campaign has already begun attacking the overhauled regulations, saying they will hurt millions of American workers.

Urging President Bush to scrap the rules, the Kerry campaign and organized labor say the regulations will exempt up to six million additional workers from receiving overtime pay by ...
August 23, 2004 by joetheblow

Google's Offering Proves Stock Auctions Can Really Work

Published: August 23, 2004

It worked. Google's auction process, both criticized and feared on Wall Street, could have gone much more smoothly, and investors might yet regret putting money into a company that plans to go its own way regardless of what others think.

But the fact is that Google managed to go public at a very attractive valuation - many times higher, for example, than the price M...
August 21, 2004 by joetheblow

An Oil Shock That Could Be an Economic Stimulus in Disguise

Published: August 21, 2004

How much will expensive oil hurt?

Over the last 30 years, the United States has been driven into recession three times by abrupt surges in the price of oil. As the price of crude has surged over the last two weeks, reaching new heights almost daily, some economists have begun to worry that the current "oil shock" will slam the brakes on the nation's economic expa...
August 20, 2004 by joetheblow

A billion PC users on the way
Published: August 2, 2004, 4:00 AM PDT
By Michael Kanellos
Staff Writer, CNET

By the end of the decade, a billion people will be clicking away at computers, but generating a profit out of newly wired portions of the world is going to take a lot of work.

The number of PC users is expected to hit or exceed 1 billion by 2010, up from around 660 million to 670 million today, fueled primarily by new adopters in developing nati...
August 20, 2004 by joetheblow

Offshoring: A view from both shores
June 29, 2004, 5:51 AM PT
By Ed Frauenheim
Staff Writer, CNET

Vivek Paul occupies a unique vantage point in the controversy roiling the technology industry over offshore outsourcing.
An American citizen, Paul also is a native of India and chief executive officer of Wipro Technologies, one of that country's largest IT service companies. Many American techies are increasingly bitter about the pickup in the stream of I...
August 13, 2004 by joetheblow

Toys 'R' Us May Sell Global Toy Business

Published: August 11, 2004
Filed at 6:23 p.m. ET

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Retailer Toys R Us Inc. (TOY.N), slammed by intense competition from discounters such as Wal-Mart, may sell its toy business and focus on its fast-growing Babies R Us unit, the company said Wednesday.

Toys R Us, whose shares fell 6 percent on the news but later recovered, said it plans to separate the ownership of its two businesses and is looki...
August 9, 2004 by joetheblow
Long ago, I thought to myself that a website that had products to sell might be better off if the content on the site keeps those who browse around there. It was very much "in" back when the bubble was huge and went away like the dinosaur when the bubble burst.

Now its back... maybe???

This article from the NY Times talks about how some net sites, like, have started to have more content then just come here to buy stuff. Instead of 10 staff writers, now they have 12. Reviewing thi...