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December 13, 2004 by joetheblow
Skinning and digital art seem to just becoming more and more mainstream. WinCustomize has a Japanese version, new skinners and artists on many different sites, Skinartisrty has a tutorial class in a few days, WinCustomize added personal user pages... what else can happen in the future?

Look at the Save folder created just for The Art and Skin Report

As some of you might know, a report is coming out about desktop customization (skinning) and digital art. There are so many ...
November 20, 2004 by joetheblow
Many of you have blogs here because you’re either in the tech world, on the web a lot, use Joe, or have a WinCustomize account. If you want to get your content know to the rest of the blog world there are many websites that help you do it. is nice because you can have a place that is on-line with RSS feeds to blogs over the Internet. You can easily see who subscribes to any particular blog the most. It also works with FireFox web browser. is nice too. I...
October 19, 2004 by joetheblow
While Blog Navigator is like other stand alone RSS feeders, the big difference is that if you have a Stardock account or a Joe User account (most of you reading this I gather), you can truly use such a piece of software on your system. Using Blog Navigator, you can do more and, of course, with Blog Navigator Pro you can do more than more.

With Pluck

You can look for all types of feeds, create feeds, share your RSS feeds with others as well as your web links. As n...
August 12, 2004 by joetheblow
News Article From eSource Mag:

We talked to Jeff Schader, Founder and CEO of The Skins Factory just a few questions on how, what and why did they do what they did.

Background on the company:
The Skins Factory was founded in Dec. 2000 by rogue interface enthusiasts with a bold vision and a passion for all things GUI, The Skins Factory has quickly grown into the world’s premiere service provider for truly innovative graphical interface solutions.

The Skins Factory services a client...
July 31, 2004 by joetheblow
Along with the monthly round up for net news on life and entertainment, eSOURCE blogs about some skinners in the community and there skins made for Windows media Player, WinAmp and Icon Packager. Some skins are old, others are new like Petrol Design's iRobot and the Skins Factory Cat Woman skin for WMP (Windows media Player).

Give it a read.
July 31, 2004 by joetheblow
Part of the knowledge-base network I am building for myself to be able to look up things in the future for research, projects and the ilk. I figured why not share it and hope to even get feedback on blog posts on the news links and add to the knowledge in the post.

joeKnowledge (the replacement to joetheblow) and joetheblow blog sites on JoeUser and Modblog have many technology, science, Internet and business news and articles that you might want to look at or have looked at but need to find ...
June 6, 2004 by joetheblow



Longhorn Skinning

New WinCustomize Update

But that is not all! Along with the growing love skinning, an idea was born... mostly out of frustration, but none the less born.

Here is a website that talks about entertainers and their lifestyles... It speaks to culture, re...
May 23, 2004 by joetheblow
This program that I got with a book for Marketing Management is great! It helps you collect information on web pages by hilighting areas and dragging it into the eGem window or gem icon. It can be images or text or the whole web page. It also gives you creation date, url's and other information about the web page. Once you have this you can put it into a word document by dragging the info from eGems to the word document and it puts it into the format that is required for using sources.

January 10, 2004 by joetheblow
I just learned of this and feel that I should share it so here it goes.

Technically, at least in the USA, if you make an original item or object it is yours. So, for example, if I make a skin or a painting it is technically copyrighted under my name and I own it.

But how do you prove it? That is when the US Post office comes in.

If you want to save something for a possible court day with the offending party, all you have to do is put it in a self addressed stamped envelope. (make su...
December 19, 2003 by joetheblow
Artist Of The Week

Chad Ross aka Chadamus is on of the best artists for desktop customization (skinning) on the net. I have been following Mr. Ross for a number of skins. One that caught my eye was Blueprint. Maybe I liked it because it felt so much like Architecture or because it was just good... maybe it was because it was blue. I seem to like blue.

(apparently so does the skin community... Mostly blue skins)

I can tell you right now the one that pulled me in was Work While Bent...
November 11, 2003 by joetheblow
Hello everyone! I am proud to announce that I will be opening my website on November 21, 2003.

I will have many cool items on there and I hope that you will be educated as well as entertained by them.

I am currently looking for artists, designers, skinners to be featured as the Featured Artist of the Week *FAOTW* or *FAW* and I need permission to post an image (mini-preview) of your work to show what you have done. (Links to your site/work on-line will be put up as well)

Also on ...
October 10, 2003 by joetheblow
Toon XP is orange, with reds and blues as highlights here and there... Its not mostly gray, or blue. It does not have a nice slim interface...

Yet it is one of the best suites out there. Could it be the fact that we all love cartoons or have seen them? It could be the bright colors that are entrenched in most societies minds as funny, friendly and even bring back memories. It could be that its just fun to look at.

What ever it is (Think over all GUI design it is a great piece of work...
August 31, 2003 by joetheblow

There are so many out there. Reading an artical on what Microsoft plans on doing to its messenger service on Beta News I read about so many IM clients that I never heard of but seem to be popular (well some of them)

Here is the story:

This comment should actually be about how Microsoft went from, "Hey AOL has the total market share, they should open up so others can get in!" to , "Hey we want to close our servers because it is exp...
July 29, 2003 by joetheblow
A article posted by Frogboy caught my eye:

And I just has to go into it further. With customization being the thing we do for fun, what if 40 or 50 years (or sooner) it become part of our work life? What if we go to work and are to use our brains to come up with ways to work in a better enviorment?

Knowledge workers is what most employees are now expecting. Soon they will expect you to learn the new short cuts on your PC/MAC/Linux c...
June 18, 2003 by joetheblow
As the world turns and people become aware that over design almost never works, the idea of customizing your own space or tool has become more common place.

There were Architectural movments about being more 'humanistic', there was a period in time where paintings and art culture (in fact many periods) were about the human form and the surounding area relating to that form.

Computers? Never! We need uniformity!! It would seem though that much like other movements in any piticular area...