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November 3, 2005 by joetheblow
Yahoo has made some purchases that many wondered why they were doing it. Many guesses... I am starting to see something in the works. Yahoo now has a rival map service that is like MSN and Google and they are pushing the use of their API's.

Yahoo bought and now guess what? There is a web 2.0 application merging Yahoo Maps beta, UpComing and Flash 8.0.

Here are some properties Yahoo bought:

December 31, 2004 by joetheblow
For those of you who pay attention to the page rank (like I do... it entertaining!) know that it is not updated to much and it not why your page comes in before another one.

The link is a good read.

What I found WAY more interesting is that someone mentions creating a non-search engine that is a collection of links (a post made by hugo guzman) to gage the worthiness of a web page. That might work as much as Wikipedia seems to work.

MY personal experiment on Se...