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joetheblow's Articles In OS Customization
October 2, 2006 by joetheblow
I came across this site and thought maybe someone would find it useful here.
September 28, 2006 by joetheblow
Just thought I ask. I always loved Object Bar. Although I never released the themes I made for the first one, I hope to convert them to Object Bar 2 and add features.

Anybody else have plans for OB2
December 13, 2004 by joetheblow
Skinning and digital art seem to just becoming more and more mainstream. WinCustomize has a Japanese version, new skinners and artists on many different sites, Skinartisrty has a tutorial class in a few days, WinCustomize added personal user pages... what else can happen in the future?

Look at the Save folder created just for The Art and Skin Report

As some of you might know, a report is coming out about desktop customization (skinning) and digital art. There are so many ...