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I posted this on a thread a few minutes ago:

What happens when you technically 'blow the whistle' on something you, they, him and her know is a life endangering situation???

You get fired or 'laid off'.
Well why don't you ust sue them then?

Civil lawsuits are NOT easy. Right now, I am going to be part of one shortly against a company that:
A) Put my life at danger
didn't investigate harrassment charges
C) didn't investigate life endangering claims that they actually KNEW about before I even started working there
D) fired me or 'laid me off'
E) gave false information to unemployement to deny benefits
F) Lied to OSHA about investigating claims and posting a letter to other employees about investigation (or even notifiing anyone about it)
G) Contiue to put other peoples lives in danger (including school children because this is a musuem)

How many years you say this has been going on???????
>>>>>>>> More than 2 years. Is the a building open to the public? >>>>>>>>YES. Men women and children (one incedent included babies during a smoke condition on a upper floor), lack of training, false guidance during emergencies, and the list goes on.

But guess what? legally this is not a clear issue. That is right!! From labor to the office of alcohol and drugs...

Believe me whn i say this, I am not one who fights stuff like this, goes to Albany (NY captital) to find out what are they going to do about it or calling the distric atterney about this (or the news). But I am getting real close to doing it.

Tort reform IS needed, but so are better labor laws, harrasment laws and whistle blower laws are then needed too.

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