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Need job NOW
Published on October 31, 2003 By joetheblow In Blogging

I have been thoroughly looking for work for the last year and a half. I save up some money for school doing odd end jobs and today just when I can start to get that very much needed IT degree (I am switching, allbeit at a bad time in the economy, from Architecture to technology) in my background to move foward.

Now I have to wait again and plus it would seem that the program is being fazed out of my school. So now I have to make some hard choices. Pay more for classes I can't offord or just go with my MBA degre of which only really focuses on how to manage technolog, not design, implement and make it. I need to know the details.

ANyway, this is not suppossed to be my personal blog but I thought I would just gripe and get it out of my system. Here I am suppossed to be only talking about technology and development and any business stories related to it from specific websites articles on the net.

Its 8:09 AM here in NYC and I need a drink... Better go make some Kool Aid.
on Oct 31, 2003
What is the job that you want to do when you get out of college? Have you thought of interning at a company while attending school? You won't make much money, but you will make some money and get into the industry.
on Oct 31, 2003
Well actually I haven't thought of that. I have been trying to get a job so I can at least pay my bills and get started on my own little business ventures.

I was going to use the jobs as a way to get money and also get (hopefully) a good reference for another job in the future.

Interning had never crossed my mind, especially for an internet company. I could probably telecommute to work and still be able to the other things I would like to do.

Good idea Karma
on Oct 31, 2003
We've done interns in the past. At least three of the people who currently work here were interns at one point. It's a good way to get experience and get some cash at the same time.
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