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Published on December 31, 2004 By joetheblow In Search Engines
For those of you who pay attention to the page rank (like I do... it entertaining!) know that it is not updated to much and it not why your page comes in before another one.

The link is a good read.

What I found WAY more interesting is that someone mentions creating a non-search engine that is a collection of links (a post made by hugo guzman) to gage the worthiness of a web page. That might work as much as Wikipedia seems to work.

MY personal experiment on Search Advertising.Info is to use Google Text Banners along with Stardock's own to create a page where you go to see announcement from different web page owners. From the message forum you can grade the link, highlight a particular text link that came up or the category itself ans usable.

A user then can search through user comments on any link polled.

ehh... just an experiment amongst many. I just think the idea of creating a trusted link search engine would be a pretty cool resource for anyone to have

Just look at this site called Yub

To me, its pretty lousy, but has potential such that it creates a way for people to form connections to what is out there on the net. No random algorithm. Just people saying that is cool.

Now that would be a cool search engine. I wonder if Google is listening???

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