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I can't seem to sign in. I notice that the site now uses the users nickname and password for signing in. Is that what I should put in the 'email' area of the account infomation?

Same problem with Wincustomize Browser as well.
It might just be me because my account is all funny with a cross reference with another account.

on Dec 17, 2004
Alright, let me explain the types of accounts. Account: This is what you use to register at Stardock's main site and to buy your products, like ObjectDesktop, OD+, or anything else. This account holds all the information of what you've bought, and it's what you plug into the very first "Object Desktop" register area in Stardock Central. Account: You can login with this here! Plug this account into WC, the WinCustomize register section in SDC, and in the SkinBrowser. This account tracks what you do skinning-wise here at the site. Although it says "Nickname" you can still put in your email up there to log in if you want, but putting your Nickname in works just as well.

Cross-Referencing: This method is used to connect what you've bought with your Account to your skinning account here at WinC. This can boost your level so the download caps won't apply to you.

I hope this helps!
on Dec 17, 2004
Its not just signing in, everything I've downloaded recently, has an error.
on Dec 17, 2004
I downloaded Desktopx but it won't work, all I get is error: failed to download ODZip.dll

Anyone got any cures?
on Dec 18, 2004

I realized later on that I somehow changed my email address for my account. I didn't mean to but it happened. I thought I only changed one account but somehow I ended up changing both...

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