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Tentative Release in January 2005
Published on December 13, 2004 By joetheblow In OS Customization
Skinning and digital art seem to just becoming more and more mainstream. WinCustomize has a Japanese version, new skinners and artists on many different sites, Skinartisrty has a tutorial class in a few days, WinCustomize added personal user pages... what else can happen in the future?

Look at the Save folder created just for The Art and Skin Report

Click For Closer LookAs some of you might know, a report is coming out about desktop customization (skinning) and digital art. There are so many things out there just waiting to be high lighted it not even funny. From very inventive recent skins like Skintendo, Winter Blue, and the unstoppable Natural Desktop using Desktop X technology to new skinnable apps in recent months like Ave Desk, Right Click, and updates on programs like Rainlender.

What is even better is that now in WinCustomize you can find articles on Customization, tips and other interesting tid-bits.

Out of the many things that will be in the report:

  • 2 Top Ten Skins combined to create 1 Fusion WindowBlind skins
  • Using Save, people will be able to see hundreds of links of artists works and websites.
  • RSS Feeds from some really cool sites (You can add them into Pluck, or Stardocks Blog Navigator)
  • Interviews and comments with people like guesshimself, Fuzzy Logic, Andi18, Chad Ross, piticha, Kriptoner, aleksyandr, Xav73, Mellon ,Bleedman, crumbut and more
  • The Blog Reports
  • The Desktop Customization Report: Part II
  • Works In Progress and Screenshots
  • A re-release of a skin from Treetog (of Pixtudio) Called Plava
  • Hopefully some other cool skins will be released for the report as well... like a Gant II WindowBlinds or something... maybe a MMD3 update...
  • So, so, so much more.

Hopefully, this report will be released next month (fresh for the new year) and what is best about it is that, from the date it is published until 30 days later, there will be more added to it. It will be sort of a living report for about a month containing a whole bunch of stuff... skins, art, cartoons, skins, articles, links to articles, tutorials, skins, and skins.

Also, a recent public out reach is being asked for at this point and time. What would you like to see in this report?

  1. Who would you like to see skin one more time?
  2. Who would you like to see collaborate together?
  3. What current skin would you like to see be turned into a matching skin suite?

  4. Who are the most favorite skin authors?

  5. What style of digital art do you like? Pixel Art? Abstract? 3D? Photo Manipulation?
  6. Where do you think digital art and skinning will go?

In the mean time, I'll be floating around adding links and emailing people. Until then!!!

on Dec 16, 2004

an update to the images. Likes to some of the previewed art shown on the post
(I should have done it like that in the first place...

Steve Moss
aQUA FX 1.0
thinking tree
Thunder Storm WB by Pixtudio for WindowBlinds
smallville digital album
PvP 1.0
LayerONE v1 3
turtlesoup II
David Lanham
The Giant Wheel
winter way
.: Bombed Out Metropolis :. 4
Have a Prime Christmas
Shadow, el Erizo
-primal powers-
ppg chapter3 p15_16_17
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