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Many of you have blogs here because you’re either in the tech world, on the web a lot, use Joe, or have a WinCustomize account. If you want to get your content know to the rest of the blog world there are many websites that help you do it. is nice because you can have a place that is on-line with RSS feeds to blogs over the Internet. You can easily see who subscribes to any particular blog the most. It also works with FireFox web browser. is nice too. It indexes blogs from the net and creates some sort of meta-info on what is going on in the blogsphere. You can add your blog to their index to be part of it for free (at this time). is a nice place to blog at and if you want visitors (although its not guaranteed) all you have to do is surf from the My.Modblog page by clicking Popular, Related, Friends or Random. A browser toolbar shows up on the bottom of the screen and all you have to do to go to the next blog within modblog is to click next. Browsing other Modblog Blogs has, at times, brought up my visitor rate.

There are others as well that cater to bloggers and getting their blog read, but Blog Explosion is the best I have seen. With it you can surf other people blogs and get points for doing so (I am doing it while I am typing this). It allows you to save favorite blogs too (in a very nice way, I might add; it shows a thumbnail image of the blog), it allows you to buy points for advertising and so on.

Its very useful, and I have found that surfing the blogs within Blog Explosion are pretty good quality. If you find something offensive, block it or report it.

So far so good. I have had no problems with it. It allows you to add as many blogs as you want and you can assign traffic as you wish to the blogs (once approved). You can advertise on it easily and its blog only ads from what I see. Advertising can be free if you surf other peoples blogs a lot. I usually don't go for the 'if you do this, then maybe you will get that' sort of thing, but this works MOSTLY because the content is good and you actually want to surf the other blogs in the network.

As Blog Explosion grows, I think it will be a nice site to have your blog connected too. Whether you have a Joe user, a WinCustomize home page, or whatever (as long as its a blog type website).

If you do sign up and you wish to give me credit, come back and use this link:

on Nov 23, 2004
really really good...........
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