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While Blog Navigator is like other stand alone RSS feeders, the big difference is that if you have a Stardock account or a Joe User account (most of you reading this I gather), you can truly use such a piece of software on your system. Using Blog Navigator, you can do more and, of course, with Blog Navigator Pro you can do more than more.

With Pluck

You can look for all types of feeds, create feeds, share your RSS feeds with others as well as your web links. As noted in my "how to use joeKnowledge" blog here:

Sharing links can be a welcome thing for many people as now you can just allow people to look through your links for items. Its a good way to share informations for class, user manuals, teachers, research, shopping, news and any other use you can think of. Pluck works inside of Internet Explorer, but can also be accessed in other browsers such as FireFox and it has the ability to also save links from web pages you are visiting.

Between Blog Navigator and Pluck, you can share a whole lot with family, friends and strangers. Plus, if your a FireFox web browser user, you not left out and you don't have to use Internet Explorer.

Take a look at SkinStudio's Blog navigator Feature Tour:
Part I
(One of 4 parts)

And take a look at Pluck:

on Oct 19, 2004
" if your a FireFox web browser user, you not left out and you don't have to use Internet Explorer"
- what do u mean by this? As far as i now Pluck is for IE only
on Oct 19, 2004
You can use the Pluck Web Access to get to your links that are saved on-line through any browser including Firefox.

Just click on that link if your a user of Pluck to access your links on-line fro any browser. I am working on a mini-tutorial for Pluck.
on Oct 19, 2004
ah...that...i thought there is some new version/feature that let's u use Pluck in firefox . Pluck is a great tool. I am doing SEO and those paerches are quite a feature
on Oct 19, 2004
I love Pluck. Right now, its the best reason to keep IE around.
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