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Longhorn Skinning

New WinCustomize Update

But that is not all! Along with the growing love skinning, an idea was born... mostly out of frustration, but none the less born.

Here is a website that talks about entertainers and their lifestyles... It speaks to culture, relationships and health in the hopes that while looking up the lifestyles of the famous, people (particularly teens) will find and read information on other issues as well. It will also include related skins artistry so people can have there celebrity desktops!

eSOURCE Magazine is the name and skinning is part of the game.

The site will use skins to promote itself and the stars that are on it (and the best part is that it is WITH permission). It will be a place where you can find the latest or hard to find news on everything entertainment INCLUDING unsigned and independent artists, links to videos and more (concert dates, movies, skin previews, events, games, clubs, WHATEVER).

What makes all this special, to me, is the fact that skinning will be used in a major way to promote the site, artists and special culture/health issues such as AIDS, High Blood Pressure, Lost Children, Mental Illness, Community Affairs and Events. And it will do so continuously as opposed to one time only.

The e-zine officially opens in November 2004 but it has a weblog open right now (blogs will be part of the experience of eSOURCE as well).

Also of note:

We are currently looking for skinners to join us in making some of these skins or 'total desktop event environments' for us as well as possible clients. You will need to know how to skin Windowblinds and Desktop X Version 2. There are other applications to be skinned as well, but are under wraps as of this moment.

If you wish for more information, send a email at:

A response will be returned after this date: June 21, 2004

The ultimate metamediary on entertainment and life.

What do yall think???
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