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This program that I got with a book for Marketing Management is great! It helps you collect information on web pages by hilighting areas and dragging it into the eGem window or gem icon. It can be images or text or the whole web page. It also gives you creation date, url's and other information about the web page. Once you have this you can put it into a word document by dragging the info from eGems to the word document and it puts it into the format that is required for using sources.

This technology along with another technology that I will be reporting soon will be very helpful in doing research, papers and the like.

Do a Google or Yahoo! search for it or click the link below. Its really a nice program.
on May 23, 2004
I reported this one a while ago on my web blog.

There is also another program that is useful called:
Internet Researcher
by Zylox

it can be found on CNET Downloads
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