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Published on November 11, 2003 By joetheblow In WinCustomize News
Hello everyone! I am proud to announce that I will be opening my website on November 21, 2003.

I will have many cool items on there and I hope that you will be educated as well as entertained by them.

I am currently looking for artists, designers, skinners to be featured as the Featured Artist of the Week *FAOTW* or *FAW* and I need permission to post an image (mini-preview) of your work to show what you have done. (Links to your site/work on-line will be put up as well)

Also on my site I have what is called MAD artists (Multi-media Art Designers) who I like (because its my site and I can like who I want ) and has good work or potential. I plan to also show up and coming artists as well as artists that don't get seen to much.

Also, for MAD, I would like to post a image of recent or past work (but is not as necessary for I would just say photo no available MAD won't show everyone I want on there at first but will eventually do so.

I will have links to your work, websites (if any) and the images used will be half the original size (mini-previews).

Any info you want to provide (like who you work with on a particular project) will be nice.


I do have advertising on my site and a site store. There is no advertising on the main page (home page) but on others, there are to a degree.

For those who want, I will send a preview of the site before it is up.

No pop ups, pop unders, leave behinds of any kind on my website

My plan is to make sure that even the ads is more about being informative than just junk ads. Which brings me to what my site is about.

My site is a knowledge base of links to art, education, science, business, and technology with a little snippet of what I think of it. There will also be tutorials (skinning, wallpaper making ideas, coding, basic economics, and other stuff) there as well.

The main idea is to help others help themselves. Educate yourself on new things, insights and just what ever I thought I needed (or my friends) when I was going through stuff or in general.

Allot of the stuff on the site is what I am learning in grad school, undergraduate and some IT training. Basically I am trying to share what I learned so I can help others and maybe learn something from you through conversations.

(There will be a message board but it won't be ready by the opening date so emails will do OR go to my blog at

For polls and other stuff.)

Here is what will be part of the joetheblow ordinary people in everyday life package:
joetheblow at Modblog:
Life posts mainly but you can also find job search help, tech stories, business stories, news in general and posts about what I am learning in school
joetheblow at Joe User:
Any and all links I have deemed important and have collected on my computer over the many years. Lots of important stuff. Cool links knowledge base to search through. I'll have little snippets of some articles for a few links
joetheblow at Joe User Blog Group:
JTB Development is about helping others create their own business or develop their own ideas. Here I hope to help others understand business principles, help tips, link resources and anything related to an understanding of developing an idea to its fullest and implementing it.

Until then...

Image courtesy of NASA
on Nov 11, 2003

Feel fre if you want to join the JTB Development blog group

You have to have a Joe User account.
on Nov 12, 2003
went there but there wasny anything on any of the pages.Just a occasional 'page cannot be found'Doubt if this was what you had in mind.
on Nov 12, 2003
Oh...I think I see,not til the 21st.
on Nov 13, 2003
the links inside the site don't work
on Nov 13, 2003
Oh the home page is up but there is no where to go yet.

November 21 is when it opens.

Version 0.2

So the links don't go anywhere... Sorry ment to mention that.

There still is room for MAD artists pages to show your work. I will be continually be looking for people and I already have people in mind I will be contacting shortly.

Remeber everybody. If you want to be a featured artist (or a MAD artist just email me

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