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There are so many out there. Reading an artical on what Microsoft plans on doing to its messenger service on Beta News I read about so many IM clients that I never heard of but seem to be popular (well some of them)

Here is the story:

This comment should actually be about how Microsoft went from, "Hey AOL has the total market share, they should open up so others can get in!" to , "Hey we want to close our servers because it is expensive to run!"

I guess for AOL is wasn't many years ago... anyway, what was so cool was how many IM's are out there.

AOL Instant Messenger
MSN Messenger
Yahoo Messenger
Agoo IM
Active Worlds (not sure this counts as IM but it sure is fun)

That's allot of IM's!!! So which one you perfer? Trillian? ICQ? (most downloads on CNET) I can't lie, I like MSN Instant Messenger but when it comes to being with all types of friends all over reguardless of the IM client I use Trilian (haven't used it in a while cause... I don't have that many friends )

on Aug 31, 2003
none of my friends use anything except AIM so i don't bother with the rest.
on Sep 01, 2003
I use trillion, and log into AIM, ICQ, MSN, and Y!. All of my buddies are on AIM, and one person on MSN. The rest, I don't know why I use them.
on Sep 01, 2003
MS is not going to block out any other IM there just droping and blocking all there old protocols, everybody just needs to put in the new protocal and they will be fine.
on Sep 01, 2003
None of my friends use instant messaging, so I have zero need for it. Besides, instant messaging is the spawn of satan, so...
on Sep 01, 2003
on Sep 01, 2003
What's really disturbing to me about all of this is Microsoft attempting to make more FREAKING money. I'm not a Microsoft basher by any means but when does a company have enough? Isn't a stockpile 46 billion dollars enough?

rant over
on Sep 01, 2003
Trillian, since I have friend on AIM, MSIM, & YIM
on Sep 01, 2003
MSN is by far the best for features. But lots of my friends still hang onto AOL *cringe*.

As far as MSN charging people to connect to them? This is what will keep the best IM service. I see it as only a matter of time until IM networks are overrun by spam if they're left so open.

I remember in the early development of Trillian, microsoft used to actually NOTIFY them of protocol changes before they happened. I dont think this issue is about closing their IM service, but more about trying to keep it as secure as possible.
on Sep 01, 2003
Why should Microsoft allow other messaging services to use it's resources for free? They are offering to allow some other instant messaging services access to their network, but for a fee. Seems fair to me. I don't think their wealth should be considered in the formula. Just my opinion.
on Sep 01, 2003
I think Microsoft has a valid argument, i wouldnt want somone parked outside my house piggybacking on my wireless network... would you? Sure in concept making a single app to run a multitude of different tasks is a good idea but you have to respect the fact that microsoft provides their network for free for a specific title that they have published, and the fact that windows messenger is bundled with windows doesnt sell copies of the OS, I think you should all stop your complaining and use whichever messenger you like the best. Also MSN messenger 6.0 is one of the most seamless IM programs out there, very easy to use and learn, colourfull and fun. I was an ICQ user for many a year, acctually the first year it was availabe, thought it was the best thing since sliced bread, but it was clunky and had annoying sound effects. once MSN messenger came out i totally went off ICQ. MSN was more streamlined and looked a whoal lot better with commonly used features within easy reach. i recently tried Trillian, wow what a mess. very un impressed with its annoying layout, menus features, and overall ease of use. couldnt even figure out how to show my ICQ contact list. definatly needs work from the ground up. Also was very ugly. My point is that microsoft has an outstanding product that is free and is fast and easy to use and other people trying to cash in on somones good will should be shut down, nuff said
on Sep 01, 2003
Their network, their ressources, their money.

Their choice.

Simple... if they decide to upgrade the protocol, for whatever reason, they are NOT obliged to even tell anyone else. That they did indeed tell people does, IMO, point towards a rather gentle push towards the 3rd party vendors to follow suit and get legal.

After all, if they really wanted to, they could easily push 3rd party clients off their servers by dragging them to court.

Btw, using Trillian Pro Beta 3, and am happy as a clam.
on Sep 01, 2003
I use Trillian. Most of my friends use ICQ, a few (2 or 3) use MSN. So, I like to have one app to keep contact with all of them.

But it's indeed funny, since Microsoft was the driving force behind the messenger standardisation movement, back when AOL had a complete marketshare.
Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely...
on Sep 02, 2003
I use Trillian, although I certainly wouldn't consider it a "client". It's more like an "instant messenger organizer" or something like that, since it doesn't have a protocol of its own.

As far as clients, a few years back I used only Odigo. I dumped that, though, and now use (mainly) AIM through Trillian, as that's what my friends use.
on Sep 03, 2003
the best instant messenger is the phone!!
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