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Published on June 18, 2003 By joetheblow In WinCustomize News
As the world turns and people become aware that over design almost never works, the idea of customizing your own space or tool has become more common place.

There were Architectural movments about being more 'humanistic', there was a period in time where paintings and art culture (in fact many periods) were about the human form and the surounding area relating to that form.

Computers? Never! We need uniformity!! It would seem though that much like other movements in any piticular area, we are now entering the 'customization period'. Yet unlike other periods where it fades into the darkness I don't think this will.

The popularity is growing and those who use skins now are som dedicated to downloading them. 100,000 downloads here 345,000 downloads there 45,000 downloads everywhere.

So what about skinning for work? A job or a business? Something on the side? Maybe an additional thing to put on the resume for work as a graphic artist? Image comsulting? It would seem that there are a few more than a little of people offering some type of service or shoing expirience poping up. Some you may know and other you might not.

Take a look:
Petrol Designs


Dangeruss Indrusties

The Skins Factory



Adam Solley

AOLTW (I believe they have skinners on staff)

RockStar Games (Also I believe they have skinners on staff)

... dang, even I'm going to offer skins for peronal use, or corporate use or be a skinner for hire (when you have a bad GUI call me).

There are others (part of the second half of the story) that range from skins to wallpapers and and screensavers to be made, used, or for them to be hired by contract or possibly a salary job.

So what does all of this mean? How big will this get? How over crowded will message boards be? The market? Will the community balance between 'family' and free designs and business? What about the close knit family of artists and skinners?

I think it can be balanced. I also think it is up to us in the community to make it so. All the sites mentions in many cases took years to get to that level and mostly after making and continuing to be part of the community at large by making free skins.

So what do you think? where can it go from here? What will be done with skinning?
on Jun 18, 2003
Accepting business requests here also!
on Jun 18, 2003
The future of skinning is pretty much people complaning about having to pay for premium suites.....
on Jun 18, 2003
Nah, there will always be those of us who keep things free. And pathetically beg for donations no less, but hell that's the way it goes I guess. Only good thing I can see about skin artist for hire is that it will up the quality of skins in general.
on Jun 18, 2003
I can see skin subscriptions in much the same way that OD works now coming. So you could subscribe to, say, Pixtudio and receive all their new suites for the duration of your sub. When that sub expires then you cannot download any new skins, but can keep the ones you already have. This would mean that whenever Pixtudio bring out a new premium suite, you know you can just download it without having to buy it, because Pixtudio gets the money from your sub.

I really wouldn't mind this sort of model, although I would probably buy a premium suite now if any of them took my fancy anyway.

on Jun 19, 2003
The messageboards will turn into user support groups. I can see the shift already and, naturally, I don't like it.
on Jun 19, 2003
I think that is an awareness issue. The Stardock newsgroups provide a great medium for user support, but users being users will always look for the quickest way to place a message irrespective of the appropriateness!
on Jun 19, 2003
Good thing we have that "help" link these days.
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