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Keeping your own saved links availablefor your own viewing later
Published on October 18, 2004 By joetheblow In Websites

Save This is a wonderful site that allows you to save links of web pages you wish to visit again or just want to store for further analysis later on it servers. Its easy to sort through because of its ability to sort by date, name or type (I prefer date). Being that it shows the link name and a brief comment underneath, you can use Google Toolbar to search through the page for specific words, phrases or dates. If there is any confusion to what I am writing, check out my how to use joeKnowledge Guide here on how to use Google and other toolbars.

Save This also has the ability to have multiple folders of which you can either view by yourself, let other view but can not add or delete and a third option that lets others view, add and delete links in the folder. The Save This pop-up come up when you click on the Save This link Save This allows itself to be used in any browser by letting users add a java-script link button that can usually be dragged and dropped into your browser favorites or links bar.

The image above is using FireFox as its browser. The special link also works in Explorer and Netscape

When you click on the link, a pop-up window shows up that will allow you to place the link in any specific folder or in a sub folder. It also allows you to place it into a new folder if you wish or the inbox.

Save This includes a tour of how to use it, it imports your favorites (I only tested it from Internet Explorer), allows you to share and email your links, and of course, allows you to look at them anywhere you have an internet connection. All you need is a browser and a connection to the World Wide Web.

My version of Save This came from using CNN Money of which allows you to sign up from its website, as it uses Save This as a way for people to save links from its website and share it with others. Obviously this helps CNN Money to track what is popular on their website. If your a website owner, you might want to consider getting this feature added. In particular if you have news stories, or an active message board.

There is a bad side to this. For one, all your links are on someone else's server. There is a work around such as saving the HTML file that you have when you open the folder. For now, luckily, all the links in the folder show up on one page (a gift and a curse you might say) so it should be easy to get all of them in one shot.

The other bad thing is that clicking on the Save This button in your bar or in your favorites list will be stopped by pop-up blockers. If you only use Google, you can hold down on the Ctrl button on your key board to allow the pop-up to work. On FireFox, I have had no problem with using Save This, but I am still on the 0.8 version of FireFox (Yeah, I didn't update it yet). It also seems to do a wierd import process and you never know which favorites folder it will inport.

All in all, Save This is a nice website and can be used for a knowledge base of information at your fingertips. You can share, email, keep for later retrieval and best of all, if you have Blog Navigator or Google's Blogspot, you can easily blog about your link in seconds add pictures and such.

Until Next Time!!!

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