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How To Use joeKnowledge Network
Published on October 11, 2004 By joetheblow In Welcome
joeKnowledge: Education for ALL
joeKnowledge Links ARCHIVE is open

joeKnowledge: Education For ALL

How to Use joeKnowledge:
First Users Guide.

Use GOOGLE Toolbar to search for what you need.

You can also search the site itself for specific links or article snippets. Use the Google Bar Highlighter to find specific words.

The above image using Google Toolbar (or Yahoo or MSN and Netscape)

Using Google Toolbar to hi-lite words on the page

joeKnowledge Popular Channels

Image below is using showing Blogs by Channel (or category).

joeKnowledge Blog List
Also lists under posted article links, a few lines of text from the post

Image below is using Google Toolbar to hi-lite to find text within the webpage.

joeKnowledge Top Stories
Also lists under article links the sub-headline from the post

The image below using Google Toolbar to hi-lite words placed in the text search area.

You can, of course, use the same techniques for the old joetheblow Links Archive using Google Toolbar, Yahoo toolbar or MSN

joetheblow OLD Popular Channels
OLD Links ARCHIVE Popular channels

joetheblow OLD Blog List
OLD Links ARCHIVE Blog List (Also has the same text clip under the link to the blog)

joetheblow Top Stories
Also lists under article links the sub-headline from the post

Links ARCHIVE Clusters will happen often and will contain the following:
  • Internet
  • Technology Products (Gadgets, Gaming, Personal Computing)
  • Business
  • Health (Home and Family, Health & Medicine)
  • Architecture
  • Skin Report

RAW Links Archive is a list of links that you can search through to find a related topic. Once again you can use Google Toolbar (or MSN or Yahoo) to hi-light and find specific words you are looking for. The links themselves are from my favorites list on my computer using Fire Fox uploaded to the website. (Yes Pluck can do this nicely but I believe in redunacy sometimes. My favorites links is one of those times)

Since Joe User does not allow creating your own category, you can go to:

JTB Development is a blog to help those, like me, who are developing websites, business or would like to know more about how business effects their lives, investments, and money. JTB Development is a blog that allows other Joe User Bloggers to join and post their blogs (business related) on JTB Development. One of the first business developmentsI am putting up is Search Advertising.

Search Advertising is a idea that came out of the frustration with internet ad agencies having bad ads on the net, and also came out of the need to have a place to look for better deals and things that tell you about money issues that effect the marketing world. It is also a experiment and a project for my Masters Degree in Business at Keller. So Search Advertising explores marketing, business effects on your ability to buy things, money and credit and the business of marketing (internal marketing and external consumer marketing) in general. While my focus in grad school is a MBA in Information Systems and Security, understanding marketing and human behavoir (as well as Organizational Behavoir) is very important. Important enough that I will continue my education (self taught education) on marketing, media and design even after my MBA studies. Business world look out for me in 2006!!! YEAH!

Anyway, check out the sites:

Using Save This

joeKnowledge has a Save This account where you can view links added from around the net on subject like business, technology, education, art, science, current events and other likable. Anyone can join this. For Save This, no one can add to the links so I have total control on what is placed there. You can view the link as they are added, or view the whole folder of links and use the Google Toolbar to search for a particular link or comment that is attached to the link.


joeKnowledge has a Pluck account available to those who wish to view it. You can add links of your own to the account if you wish. For this account I will invite people to join but it will eventually be for subscribers only as I want to control who can add to the network of links, saved internet searches, and RSS feeds. It will be easier to track who does what and hold them responsible.

You can add the 'Pluck It' button by dragging the link to the toolbar from the Web Sign In page
otherwise known as the Pluck Web Access page (PWA)

Using Blog Navigator
Blog navigator has similarities to Pluck except 2 major features. One is that is seamlessly integrates with Joe User. Because of that you can easily interact with Joe User, update your own blog and interact with this blog. It allows you to save blogs to your hard drive as well. The second feature is that Blog Navigator allows you to have tabbed browsing. Very nice for viewing multiple sites without all the clutter. Currently the only problem is that if you wish to save a site link on Pluck or Save This thought Blog Navigator it will not work.

For more about this, click HERE

Now, lets go through what all the sites are about.

joetheblow: Old Links Archive
Here you can look up about 110 posted links including snippets of the article linked to. joetheblow also has RAW links that are straight from my favorites from my computer at the given time.

joeKnowledge: Links ARCHIVE Network
Soon to host thousands of linked articles including snippets of the article, source information, RAW links, Blog links from Joe User and ModBlog, special category posts like Links ARCHIVE Clusters and joeKnowledge SPECIAL REPORT Archive. Some linked articles will have my own pre-blog to the articles relevance. Some will have related links to other links archive posts.

This, along with Save This and PLUCK and especially posting some saved emails from Forbes Magazine, Career Builder and CNET, there will be more than enough data to search through.

joeKnowledge: The Blog
Here is where I really blog about whatever is on my mind, but this blog also serves as a place to search for stuff as well. I have categories for my school work, papers, and other categories like Job Hunting, Current Events, Business Tech, Architecture, Cool Programs, and more. What makes Modblog different is that it will be more interactive. It will have forums specifically for the blog, it is not an links archive though it will have links to outside sources (mostly The ModBlog site will also be integrated to the joeKnowledge Main website.

joeKnowledge: Education For ALL
Here is where it all comes together. RSS feeds, article posts, special stories, job search, special reports, tutorials, designs for the desktop, art work, artist high-lights, my personal school report white papers, PDF files, saved emails from Forbes, CNN Money, NY Times, Career Builder, and much more. It will also have actions for stuff using eBay, how-to's, user interaction with a message board, 3D Worlds using Active Worlds, games and more. Users will eventually have there own user pages with an ability to start there own links archive and , for subscribers, create their own on-line portfolio active live-resume with sub urls.

JTB Development Resource
This sub-blog is for people who want to start their own business, or who want to start their own knowledge base or links archive. Also on this blog you will see the creation of my own ideas at work and how they are doing. From Search Advertising, to Vehicle Worlds. Hopefully you will see all of them succeed, but even if they fail it will be on here.

Happy data searching!! And Welcome to the Joe's Knowledgebase Network!!!

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