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Published on October 10, 2004 By joetheblow In Welcome
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Why do I do this?
More than a year ago, I realized that I need to have a place where I can locate data, accumulated information and links to stories that are related to what I am doing or what I am researching. While I was blogging, I realized that the blog itself could be a repository for data. If I organized it properly, I can have my homework, papers, related stories, RSS feeds, and more all from one source and have it anywhere there is an internet connection.

That was the start of what is called the knowledge-base for me. Using search tools like Google and Yahoo, I can look for article links, my own blogs, homework reports, thoughts on assignments and class discussions, research on other projects and more. Quite literally I will be looking for information from a number of sources right from my own source gatherer... I will be able to look up something from my own knowledge-base. If its not there, I can look for it on-line or in books and then add it to my database.
When I apply for jobs, I can literally tell them you are not only hiring me, you are also hiring my own knowledge base; a data and information repository that will help me to be a better employee.

I also realized that message boards are knowledge-base’s too. That made me see that if I open my knowledge-base to the public, more people can add to what I am doing. Its sort of like a human search engine.

Now I am adding even more to it. For example, I have uploaded most of my links from my favorites on-line. It either here in some form or on Save This. Now that I use Pluck as well, now I have 2 locations of saved links. Why 2? Well, mostly because one doesn't have he features the other has. If it was just for me, I think I would just use Pluck but eventually I want to have users and they will be able to see the links and comments. Save This allows people to just view of which is perfect for those who I would like to share with but I don't want anybody to change anything. Pluck allows users to add stuff.

I guess eventually I will use one or the other. Pluck has the most features and the most potential in sharing. From links to RSS feeds. Eventually it will allow sharing of search queries and better user control. On the other hand, Save This is simple. It’s so simple that I might keep it just for a more straight forward sharing ability.

So in the end, I along with the help of those around the net, would have created a network of data on technology, business and art. The next and final blog on joetheblow, how to use joeKnowledge and the features that will be coming up in a few months for users.

Eventually I will have a way for others to make their own knowledge bases (either a tutorial in how to do it yourself or you can have an account with and get one along with a portfolio/resume to show off your skills and previous work experience)
on along with eventually adding something like what would be called CraigsList; a job connection and professional relationship site (like Monster's Networking). Until the future!!!

Check out my own personal knowledgebase at coming soon. "

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