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Published on August 26, 2004 By joetheblow In Internet

Browser campaign slams IE
Published: August 24, 2004, 4:00 PM PDT
By Paul Festa
Staff Writer, CNET

A group that prodded browser makers toward better standards compliance is urging people to abandon Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

The group has set up a Web site reminiscent of Apple Computer's "Real People" ad campaign, which urged people to switch from Microsoft's Windows operating system to the Macintosh. The site features first-person testimonials of people who switched from IE to alternatives.

"IE was a constant pain," reads the testimonial of entrepreneur David Catherall. "IE didn't feel intuitive at all and appeared to have been built by geeks with geeks in mind--not novices. As time went on, I became more aware of and worried by the holes in the software which could lead to security issues."

Published by the Web Standards Project (WaSP), the campaign bears the sunny title "Browse Happy," but its message is a dark warning.

"Internet Explorer can make your computer unsafe," the site reads. "Why not switch to a browser that's more secure? Many already have. Read their stories, and choose a browser that's right for you."

The site is soliciting more testimonials from people who have switched from IE to an alternative browser.

Microsoft declined to comment directly on the site but expressed confidence in IE's ability to retain its massive following.

"We believe that customers will choose the browser that best meets their needs," a Microsoft representative said. "We believe that most will continue to choose IE when they evaluate all of the factors: end-user functionality, site and application compatibility, developer extensibility, enterprise manageability, and security backed by the processes and engineering discipline employed by Microsoft."

Microsoft's security practices...

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